Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Making up for no make up.

I always wanted to be a make up artist. I wanted to be a triple threat. I wanted to do hair, nails and make up, actually. I still do most days now and it bugs me that I didn't pursue it but honestly, with this current financial climate and the fact that I receive no benefits just makes it impossible for me unless I win the lottery. If I did choose to go to college to do then I'd have to spend around £1, 700. I could afford it but I wouldn't have any new clothes, any food and my rent wouldn't get paid.
I do intend to go back and do nails because it's something I do enjoy a lot and I don't have to go onto university or anything in that field. Plus, it wouldn't be a career. It'd be for fun.

Obviously, I love make up but I love photography more so over the years, I've often mixed the two.
Here are some new and old examples of that...

I'm really happy that I'm starting my business as a wedding photographer. I think it's my calling. I love capturing people's happiest moments. I feel as though I'm sharing every step they take on that day. I have a few weddings booked now and I'm waiting for a logo design. I've just sent for some new posters.
It's all good!

I loveeeeeee this song still!
My song of the Summer!

Back later.