Monday, 2 May 2011

I love my Sunday afternoons!
I just relax and completely wind down after a hard week working. Of course my body still aches and my feet are still sore from being on them for hours and hours but I'm happy knowing that I'm not working.
I'm going to be making Sundays my main blogging day... I'll most definitely blog inbetween that but Sunday will be a long feature. 
And since I didn't post this on Sunday... I'm doing a long Monday feature that is based on Sunday instead! Lol, confusing!

This is what I get upto on a typical Sunday...
I used to buy so many magazines until recently. I'd buy Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, marie claire, ELLE, more!, OK! and Company.
I do love looking at the photography/adverts in Vogue (obviously) but I see the same ones in ELLE and there is a little more substance to ELLE that I appreciate more. I've decided to stop buying Vogue unless it's a special edition one because I recycle them all except for the Christmas or September ones anyway. I love that they always seem to have a Tim Walker feature in the Christmas Vogue! I can never part with those.
I've decided to only purchase ELLE, Company, Company High Street Edition and occasionally marie claire.
I get ASOS magazine for being such a loyal customer to them and I honestly love this magazine more than most others. I've always felt awful after buying Cosmo because it's always about men. There will be a 'hot man' on every page or tips about sex and I'm sorry, but that's really not what I want to buy a WOMAN'S MAGAZINE for. I can get all of that on the internet for free.
Anyway, I love April's ELLE. The article about equality and how we could go back to the past and lose our rights really hit a chord with me. I love it and I feel more ambitious to do well now.
You'll also notice my Nintendo DS, Blackberry, tea and my camera lens. All are a MUST on a Sunday for me.
I also just adore this advert. Mainly because Natalie Portman is so cute. Not going to lie.

Six things I love Sunday (or Monday in this case)
I loveeeeeeeee Andrea's Choice. Her videos are so helpful, girly and she's the hottest girl in the world.
She's funny too and her dog is comical.
I'm a real girly girl so she's right up my street and she's vegetarian like me so it's a match/match!

Lush! Products. My god. They smell amazing! They look amazing! They're Vegetarian/Vegan! AMAZING!
I just have some of their soap sitting in my bathroom and the whole room smells so sweet and Summery. 
I love that they're all handmade and natural too.
Plus if you use 5 of their products that come in plastic pots and take them to a store... you get a free refill! Amazing!
Did I say they're amazing? I don't even know, bro.
So this is what I got last time.
1. "Creamy Candy" bubble bar. It smells absolutely gorgeous. Probably my favourite. 
2. "Dorothy" bubble bar.
3. "Pop in the bath" bubble bar.
4. "The Comforter" bubble bar. Loved this one too. Felt like silk on my body.
5. "Bubblegum" lip scrub. This smells so good that I really struggle not to just lick it out of the container and eat it, lol. You think I'm kidding but yeahhhh. Awkward.
6. "Sweet Pie" shower jelly. This still freaks me out a little and it is difficult to hold in the shower but, again, the smell is beautiful and I got comments on how I smelled sweet over an hour after I was out of the shower.
7. "Up you gets" Emotibomb in the "shower" section of their website. Very refreshing.
8. "Rockstar" soap. I have actually taken to just leaving this around in my bathroom because the whole place smells phenomenal.

Friends. What else can I say? I recently got in contact with a girl from Sixth form that I wasn't close to at all. All I can say is... I missed out. She's so sweet and she's my cinema pal! I feel as though I can trust her right off the bat and we love a lot of the same things!
Lipsy's Summer dresses.
Kevin Russ' photography.

Untitled by kevin russ
Untitled, a photo by kevin russ on Flickr.

Polaroid Tree by kevin russ
Polaroid Tree, a photo by kevin russ on Flickr.

Hannah & Sorcha by kevin russ
Hannah & Sorcha, a photo by kevin russ on Flickr.

Hardcouture Modern Gypsy by kevin russ
Hardcouture Modern Gypsy, a photo by kevin russ on Flickr.
I love this so much.

Now it's time for me to sleep.
I'm back at work for the next few days... until Sunday in fact.
But the fair is in town this weekend so I'll have some great pictures!