Sunday, 19 February 2012

First of all, sorry I've not been around at all since last year. I've had A LOT of changes happen in my life and I completely forgot to blog. I know I only have a few readers but I hope you've not forgotten about me!
I've got a couple of little things to review today... boring, I know but I always forget to charge my camera also... this will change! 
A few of these make up products were purchased last year, some this year, some last week but I like to get the feel of a product before I judge it completely. 

1. Accessorize's Merged Blush in Diva
 I actually do love this blush. For the price (£5!!!), it's amazing... ethically, I'm not sure on if it's made in an
animal-friendly way but you get a lot of product. I've been using this for a few months now and still, the 'bump' of blush is still going strong... It's still raised and not flattening down at all. I'm nowhere close to hitting pan. 
Another thing I love about this blush is the case. It's sooo pretty, as you'd expect with most Accessorize products but the only downside for me is that is gets a bit grubby in my make up bag. 
I probably would repurchase this again. It's doesn't break me out and is such a bargain!
So happy that I was bored and just picked this up because it's cheap.
You can see here that this is a dusty pink colour with a gold shimmer.
Love it.

2.Bourjois's Little Round Pots
I always wanted to build a collection of these little pots of eyeshadow for no particular reason at all... I only really wear neutral colours on my eyes these days but how adorable are they? 
They're priced at £6.49.I feel like I didn't pay that much when I first bought them because that seems a little expensive for a drugstore eyeshadow pot but maybe I blacked it out at the time because they're adorable.
From the top left to the bottom right: 
The dark plummy colour with glitter is #13
The grey colour with glitter is #92
The khaki colour is #11
The very pale illuminating pink is #5
And the brown colour is #54

I don't feel like the colour payoff is brilliant initially... you have to break these in to get instant shadow on your brush. At first, I felt really let down by these and I didn't go back to use for about a month or two... 
I'm still not overly keen but I'll wear them if I don't want to use a MAC or Urban Decay shadow for work. Seems a waste.
BUT knowing how expensive these are now... I won't repurchase them. I think the price has jumped really high, maybe it's just me.

Another feature that annoyed me with these was that three of their mirrors fell out when I opened them.
For £6.49, you'd think they'd use better glue.

Anywho, it's time to do a few boring jobs and I will, most likely post again later.
I have a lot of reviews I want to do and also a lot of tutorials!

Also, feel free to drop me an email with any further questions...