Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spreading my wings/6 things I love Sunday!

I know, I know... I missed my last Sunday blog post. I've been so busy with work and my brain is like a seive... information goes in but 90% of it just filters right back out again!

There isn't much to say about my life right now. I've been working nonstop and that's basically been the theme of my life for the last two weeks. I work 40 hours a week so everything else has been put on the backburner lately.
I did catch up with my best friend from high school, Clare who is due to have her first baby. A boy! She's one of the prettiest girls I've ever known so I bet he's going to be such a cutie! And then I caught up with Sammy who I've known since we were both at play school at 3 years old! She's always been the sweetest girl in the world! She's gone from a little girl with plaits in her every day who didn't speak because she was so shy to a confident and successful make up artist! So proud! I'm seeing her this week to catch up because she's back from University. 

This is Miss Samantha:
I took that photo about two years ago for her portfolio! I missed her a lot and wish I made time to visit her more.

I also went to the cinema this week with my friend, Laura. We went to see Thor! Oh my gosh. Thor. Hot. Yes.

Laura moved out of her mother's house last year and moved in with a friend and I guess that isn't working so well. So now she's looking for a place to live. A more permanent place, I presume.
At first I just kind of brushed it off that she was doing this... as I always do with people because I'm really happy at home still. It's cheap, I can buy the stuff I want, I'm around the people I love, I love being with my pets but at the same time lately... something is making me want to start that adventure in my life.
Something in my mind is telling me that I should be at that point where I should have my own place. I've always laughed at people who laughed at me for living at home still at 23 because only a few years ago I was still a teenager... I don't have children, I don't have a reason to put myself in a situation when I have no money or no time to see my friends. It's really just social conformity that tells you that you need to move out of your parents' house or you're uncool. I've never had a problem with being seen as 'weird' by people I don't even really like to tell you the truth. My true friends have never questioned me living at home... in fact one of my friends gave me a verbal pat on the back for being so smart in this financial climate.
Saying all that... it's now changing a little bit. It's not that I want to be away from my family at all because that's my favourite thing about living at home... I just want a new adventure. I want to fill my own space with pretty things and clean my own space. I need to learn about how to deal better in financial situations. I don't know how to spread my money five ways because I've never had to. Pay my mum my small rent, don't think about bills and then go shopping. Easy, right?
Maybe that why I'm having these thoughts... I need to learn, I need the adventure.
I'm really not sure right now. My heart is in two pieces. One side is saying I should spread my wings and the other is telling me to play it safe.
I also worry about hurting my mum's feelings because as much as we argue... we're so close and I'd never want to lose that by being in a different house. That's my main worry. More than the money situation.

I'll give you all an update!

Anyway, on a brighter note!
Six things I love Sundayyyyy...

This site has got my hooked already. Everytime I see something I love the first thing I think is PIN IT. It's crazy something on a screen can grip you so much.

Movies with stunning costumes.

theduchess_0004 by acrossthestars_pix
The Duchess.

otherboleyngirl_2 by acrossthestars_pix
The Other Boleyn Girl.

I don't know why the costumes just always take my breath away.
My favourite costumes were in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I just love their bonnets and short coats. It seems so much more realistic than most other movies. Maybe the actors and scenery just bring it to life more... not to mention the script which is from my favourite love story ever.

Miss Aniela's Photography.
Body repairsThe morning they met the clouds
lounge in her manorSelf-destructmoored
There were so many more pictures I could have posted. Her work is inspiring and breathtaking. I love it so much.
Miss Aniela's Flickr.

My pets
I know it sounds creepy to some people but my pets are my babies. They're my life. I love them so much and I miss them when I'm not around them! I find myself talking about them a lot too.
Creepyyyy! Lol.
This is one of my four cats, Alfie. He's the baby boy of the house!
And yes, his middle is bald, sort of. It's Summer soon and it has already been so hot here and he's a Persian so I guess it's becoming a bit of a thing we do for him now, lol.

That's enough said, I think.
My younger brother and my grandmother.
I took this picture last Summer. <3

Beautiful places.
The kind that take your breath away.

The first image is actually the barn at my grandparents' house. I love it!

That's all from me today as I'm going into work soon. My mum called and said she wasn't feeling great while she's there so I offered to go in and help. I'd do anything for her.